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KPIM::KDatePickerPopup Class Reference

#include <kdatepickerpopup.h>

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Detailed Description

This menu helps the user to select a date quickly.

This menu helps the user to select a date quicly. It offers various ways of selecting, e.g. with a KDatePicker or with words like "Tomorrow".

The available items are:

When supplying multiple items, separate each item with a bitwise OR.

Bram Schoenmakers <bram_s@softhome.net>

Definition at line 48 of file kdatepickerpopup.h.

Public Types

enum  ItemFlag { NoDate = 1, DatePicker = 2, Words = 4 }


void dateChanged (const QDate &date)

Public Member Functions

KDatePicker * datePicker () const
int items () const
 KDatePickerPopup (Items items=DatePicker, const QDate &date=QDate::currentDate(), QWidget *parent=0)
void setDate (const QDate &date)

Protected Slots

void slotDateChanged (const QDate &date)
void slotNextMonth ()
void slotNextWeek ()
void slotNoDate ()
void slotToday ()
void slotTomorrow ()

Private Member Functions

void buildMenu ()

Private Attributes

KDatePicker * mDatePicker
Items mItems

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